Twentieth Session - Charitable Euphoric Tinners, Collectors, and Penguins

St. Ives Tabletop

1st December 2021

This was a milestone twentieth session in person and a new format with the inaugural charity night.

First of all, we’d like to start the blog with lots of thanks:

Tasty Treats

There were 15 returning gamers and 3 tables active over the night.


Jeremy J. demonstrated Clades Prehistoric again as a quick starter game and Rob P. setup 4-player ICECOOL for some wobbly penguin pushing fun. The game is a little like Subbuteo, flicking coloured penguins around icy school corridors collecting fish as they go through doorways and trying to avoid the hall monitor. It is the best of 4 rounds with everyone taking a turn as hall monitor and then counting up the fish score.


Ross D. supervised a 6-player epic game of Euphoria, which has been popular over the last few sessions (sessions 15 and 16).

Museum Museum

Jeremy J. led a table of 4 playing Museum, a set collecting game with a historical twist. In Museum you curate a turn of the 20th century famous museum collecting relics from different geographical or historical periods (12) or different themes (6), like agriculture or architecture. With secret patron bonuses for achieving certain sets of relics, historical events changing gameplay each round, and scores for optimal placement in your museum, there are a variety of routes to victory and balance is key to being crowned best curator.

Tinners’ Trail

Simon W. taught a table of 4 Tinners’ Trail, a game about mining copper and tin in Cornwall. Players develop the region to reduce mining and transport costs, sell goods when the prices are high, and invest in industries for victory points.

The tables then finished with Entropy: Worlds Collide (for 4 players) and Zeus on the Loose (also 4 players) back from session 16. Entropy is a quick card game of action management using the 6 possible actions most effectively to be the first to locate the 4 shards of your home reality.

This was a great last session of the year after all the ups and downs of COVID with a successful charity night, a format we shall try again in 2022. Everyone seemed to leave happy after a pleasant evening gaming and very well fed!

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year! The next session will be 12th of January 2022.