Social Media Policy

St. Ives Tabletop

1. Introduction

1.1   The St. Ives Tabletop group (henceforth referred to as the “Group”) is managed by a committee (henceforth referred to as the “Committee”).
1.2   The Group is supported by several digital tools and social media profiles:
  1.2.1 Website (
  1.2.2 Email (
  1.2.3 Twitter (@StIvesTabletop)
  1.2.4 Facebook group (
  1.2.5 Discord (Server name: St. Ives Tabletop)
1.3   The Committee are responsible for managing these and hold administrative rights to the associated accounts. People who attend sessions (henceforth referred to as “Players”) are not required to participate or join any of these services.

2. Conduct and Behaviour

2.1   Exactly as for the physical meetings, the Group will be a safe environment, and Players are asked to take note of the types of behaviour that would be found unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:
  2.1.1 Use of bad language, verbal abuse, and/or swearing at other Players.
  2.1.2 Any threat of physical violence.
  2.1.3 Racial abuse, sexual harassment, and/or intolerance due to gender, race, religion, and/or sexual orientation
  2.1.4 Disorderly behaviour due to the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  2.1.5 Posting illegal material and/or links to illegal material.
  2.1.6 Posting explicit material.

3. Reporting Incidents

3.1 Any violation of this policy should be reported to a Committee member (either in person, via email, and/or via Discord).
3.2 If the incident involves a Committee member it can still be reported to a different Committee member.

4. Discord

4.1 Discord is a messaging and communication platform with private groups. Hence this section outlines rules and guidelines for conduct and usage of the Group’s Discord server.
4.2 The Group run a Discord server called “St. Ives Tabletop” (henceforth referred to as the “Server”).
4.3 Players can join the Server using the invite link provided on the St. Ives Tabletop website.
4.4 Players must use their real name as their nickname on the Server. The general format will be first name and first letter of surname followed by a dot, e.g. Jane Smith would be “Jane S.”. (With Committee approved exceptions recognising the inclusive and international nature of names).
4.5 After meeting a member of the Committee member in person at a session (the Player must provide their Discord username and real name), and setting their nickname on the server to their real name, a Committee member will assign a role to a Player’s Discord account to allow them access to the rest of the Group areas on the Server.
4.6 The Committee have set the Server permissions to allow the Committee to edit/change users’ nicknames. Any user failing to adhere to the real name rule will have their nickname changed.
4.7 This document only covers usage of the Group run Server. Joining other Discord servers, even those hosted by another Player as public or private, is at the users’ own risk and the Committee takes no responsibility for other Discord servers.

Usage of the Server

4.8 Users must take care on revealing personal information. The rule mandating the use of real names (within this private server) is the only item of personal information required.
4.9 All posts must be civil. Any posts of offensive or illegal material will be deleted.

Committee Usage

4.10 The Committee will post announcements, tagged with @everyone, to a common news and announcements thread. This will provide details about upcoming sessions and events.

Player Usage

4.11 It is not required for Players to use Discord, but it may greatly assist the organisation of long-running games. However, no one will be forced to join, nor will they be penalised or excluded from activities by other Players if they are not using the Server.

Ownership of Content on the Server

4.12 The Group claim no ownership to any material (e.g. creative writing, original artwork) posted to the Server.
4.13 There is no backup policy for content on the Server. Players must consider all content at risk of being lost and make their own provisions for backing up their personal content.
4.14 The Group reserves the right to close the Server. All Players will receive a notification 90 days prior to closure unless closure is due to circumstances outside the Committee’s control, for example a change in policy by Discord, closure of Discord, or being compelled by an external legal process.

Process to Deal with Violations of this Policy

4.15 The process to deal with incidents on the Server is covered in the Conduct and Behaviour Policy.