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St. Ives Tabletop

Please note: These are just a sample of the games we have - to give you a taste!

Dice Hospital

You are running a hospital were the patients are dice and their health is indicated by the uppermost face value, 1 is near death but boost them to above 6 and you can discharge them for reputation points. Played over 8 rounds, each round 3 new dice patients arrive filling up your wards but you get to upgrade your hospital by adding a new ward or staff specialist. The strategy comes from the decisions over how best to build and use the hospital resources and which dice to heal and which need to be neglected.

Dice Hospital start Dice Hospital end game

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Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Your firefighting team need to use all their skills to keep the blaze under control and rescue people from a selection of burning buildings. After each firefighters turn the fire will spread using a dice mechanic to randomise the flashpoint locations.

Flash Point game start Flash Point firefighters enter the building Flash Point raging inferno

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One of the original co-operative board games; you work as a team of Centre for Disease Control (CDC) operatives trying to counter multiple worldwide disease outbreaks. Each player has a different skill and takes their turn then the game has a turn to spread the diseases or cause an epidemic. The aim is to discover a cure to all the diseases before they get out of control.

Pandemic game start Pandemic role details and cure collection cards Pandemic mid game, the diseases spread Pandemic outbreaks in America

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