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Please note: These are just a sample of the games we have - to give you a taste!

7 Wonders

Develop one of the 7 Wonders of the ancient world over 3 Ages. You need to balance collecting building resources against the different methods of scoring victory points; military, treasury, Wonders, civilian structures, science, commerce and guilds. A simple game mechanic, each age you start with a hand of 7 cards. Choose a card that you can play by either having the resources, buying the resources from your neighbours or having a construction chain from previous cards. Then pass the hand on. Continue until the hands are depleted, which triggers an end of age military scoring round and then start the next age with a new hand. However the challenge and re-playability comes from the selection of those cards to build victory points or stop the competing Wonders from getting them.

7 wonders age 1 complete 7 wonders age 2 complete 7 wonders age 3 complete 7 wonders - winning wonder

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Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

A beautiful game that even uses the game box to construct a 3-D palace for Cleopatra. Combine card types to build different parts of the palace from a card based marketplace mechanic. But use too many dodgy components and you accumulate corruption points, the most corrupt player gets thrown to the crocodiles then the remaining players score to determine the best architect.

Cleopatra game contents Cleopatra palace close up mid game Cleopatra marketplace Cleopatra the quarry of compomnents still to build

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Puerto Rico

You play the governor of the thriving trading colony and Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Each round you select one of 7 roles bringing a bonus for you to that role, for instance all players can construct during the builder phase if they have enough coins but the official builder receives a discount on building costs. It also means that not all roles are selected each turn, so your strategy can make use of which roles you think your competitors will choose. With limits on how many goods can be stored before they go off and limited space on the trading ships it is a careful balance of production, trading or construction of buildings with properties that assist your expanding trading empire. You score victory points through building and trading, fairly simple to learn after playing a couple of rounds but there is a lot of strategy and variety in the choice of roles and constructions to rake in those doubloons.

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

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