Far Eastern Themed Board Games

St. Ives Tabletop

Please note: These are just a sample of the games we have - to give you a taste!


Your team are hosting a firework festival, you need to release the fireworks in the correct sequence; the only problem is you can’t see your cards but your team mates can and need to give you clues so you release your fireworks at the right time. Simple to learn but tricky to create the perfect display.

Hanabi game contents Hanabi display partway through game

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Join a famous Japanese painting school and generate a continuously growing painting. Scoring depends on the harmony of your frieze based on runs of sections inspired by the same season and earn diplomas by being the first to meet certain criteria related to the animals, trees, buildings or people included in your frieze. With a novel bamboo mat or lesson board mechanic randomising the cards available each round the game is quick to learn and very zen to play.

Bamboo lesson board in Kanagawa End game Kanagawa frieze Winning Kanagawa frieze

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Ninja Camp

Animal martial artists compete in ninja training to determine the best pupil. The cards are arranged in an 8x6 grid, you select your start card in the grid and on your turn use the various ninja skills to move to the next card and take the card you just vacated. This leaves holes in the grid setup limiting future moves for you and your opponents, gives you a new card skill to play in a future move and ultimately your ninja score.

Ninja camp martial artists Ninja camp grid setup part way through a game Ninja camp close up of cards and ninja meeples

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Cultivate multicoloured bamboo gardens, feed pandas. A tile placement and garden management game with the aim to met different secret objectives relating to tile type and position, bamboo heights or panda feeding.

Takenoko showing Panda, Mrs Panda and Gardener Takenoko bamboo garden - early game Bamboo growing late in Takenoko Takenoko winning player board

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A game about travelling the old East sea road between Tokyo and Kyoto. Beautiful graphics and a variety of ways of scoring points that need to be balanced. Dine at Japanese restaurants, visit temples and markets, meet other travellers, build panoramas or soak in the hot springs. A competitive holiday game!

Tokaido starting journey Tokaido end game Tokaido one of the travellers Tokaido a second traveller

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