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Please note: These are just a sample of the games we have - to give you a taste!


You are telling tall tales of your adventuring exploits in the tavern. Combine cards to tell a story and accuse others of lying about their adventures. A simple but funny game that makes a good start to a games session while everyone arrives.

Braggart a full four card story Braggart story changed by lie accusation Braggart example hand 1 Braggart example hand 2

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Castle Ravenloft

A light introduction to D&D. The game comes with dungeon tiles, figurines, pre-designed characters, and scenarios. Simplified rules for exploration and combat let you get into the action quickly. There is a level of character customisation through initial power selections and some character progression as you gain experience. Plenty of player designed downloadable additional content available.

Ravenloft dungeon exploration Ravenloft dungeon combat Ravenloft example wizard and powers Ravenloft example paladin and powers Ravenloft session 1

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Build a kingdom out of domino tiles that feature 6 terrain types. Players use a simple drafting mechanic to select the domino tile they will place in the next round. Score points at the end of the game based on consecutive terrain types and tile placement to create a 5x5 grid with your castle ideally in the centre.

Kingdomino game contents Kingdomino one kingdom near end game

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Rock Paper Wizard

A short game where adventurers fight to divide the loot using a shared spellbook. Each round players choose a spell and simultaneously make the hand gesture for the spell towards its player target. Then resolve the ensuing chaos of success or spell reversals until the loot has been divided. A fun take on D&D whilst waiting for the main session to start.

Rock Paper Wizard setup Rock Paper Wizard player board zoom Rock Paper Wizard spellbook

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Seven Dragons

Place domino like cards on the table to build a string of 7 adjacent dragons the same colour as your secret goal. However there are also cards to change the layout or swap goals between players.

Seven Dragons nearing end game Seven Dragons placed cards closeup Seven Dragons colours close up

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