Exploring and Adventure Board Games

St. Ives Tabletop

Please note: These are just a sample of the games we have - to give you a taste!

Forbidden Island

It is a race against the rising floodwaters for your team of treasure hunters to acquire the four artefacts and make it back to the helicopter. After each turn a card deck controls the rising flood in a similar way to Pandemic so you can determine which areas of the island are the most likely to submerge first.

Forbidden Island game start Forbidden Island waters have risen

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Diamant/Incan Gold

A push your luck game, the further you venture into the temple the more treasure you can acquire but also more chance of being caught in a trap and getting nothing.

Incan Gold exploring the temples Incan Gold card details

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Magic Maze

Your team of adventurers needs to explore and locate 4 shops in the magic shopping mall, rob them (equipment for your next adventure) and escape. The catch; Players can’t talk and each player only controls a subset of the adventurer actions. A cooperative heist game with a difference.

Magic Maze 4 player game Magic Maze escape in progress

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You command a team of archaeologists plundering the forest temples of the ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala. Each turn you have 10 action points to spend on exploring, uncovering temples, digging up artefacts and deploying your team to protect your temples. Using a random volcano mechanic scoring rounds are triggered through the game, score is determined by the size of the temples you control and sets of artefacts discovered. A tactical game of cut-throat archaeology.

Tikal midgame Tikal close up

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